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Mr. Lewis Cullman


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Dear Lewis,


We have often thanked you for your support of Dance Artists in America (DAA) and its in-school programs.  This year we decided to let our students Dorothea, Jamal, Darryl and Alina thank you.


Everybody loves a winner, but it’s not just in performance that our students have triumphed.  We are proudest of what these young people stand for – the opportunities for personal and professional growth that DAA brings to 160 inner city schools every year.


Some might say that if all DAA did was to enrich the lives of nearly 40,000 economically disadvantaged children each year by bringing dance performances to their schools, it would be enough.  But Dance Artists in America is so much more than that.


One thing that Dorothea, Jamal, Darryl and Alina make clear is that, as DAA students, they have a sense of belonging to a motivated, self-respecting peer support group at a crucial time in their lives.  This is another of the many ways we serve New York City school children.


In the classrooms from the second through the eighth grades, until they leave for college with the help of our high school Alumni Program, DAA teaches and performs for one of the best cost-benefit ratios in town.  But we need your continued financial support to keep going at full capacity.


I have seen variations on the four success stories I am sharing with you on the following page a thousand times over at DAA.  When something works this well, it deserves to continue and grow.  I hope you will go the distance with me and make a contribution of $10,000 in helping to maintain and expand this important resource for our children during this difficult time.  I deeply appreciate your continued financial support.