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Dear Mr. Cullman,


I am pleased to send you information about Dance Artists of America, with a request for your support of the DAA’s dancer/choreographer concert series at The Dance Theatre at Rivington Center (and the Chorus’ Dance Education Program).


Now in its 25th year at Founders Hall, the growth of Dance Artists has been extraordinary: it is the only independent professional dance company which has been able to establish and maintain a repertory season in a major New York City concert hall.  In addition to dance masterworks, Dance Artists presents concert performances of American musical theatre dance, classics-in-concert and contemporary works, providing New York audiences with a wide repertory not otherwise available to the public.


Dance Artists of America is the largest independent presenter of dance in Founders Hall at Rivington Center.  Its series is an integral part of the Rivington Center season and the city’s concert life, and the DAA is the acknowledged leader in professional dance performance and dance education in New York City.  Both the DAA and its parent organization, National Dance Centers, are New York-based 501(c) 3 organizations.


The DAA has:


  • Presented 28 seasons of dance performances in Founders Hall at the Rivington Center.
  • Created and presented the Swan Lake Dance-In at Founders hall each April for 28 years.  The Dance-In is New York’s most popular annual holiday season music event, with an audience-ensemble of nearly 3,000 dancers.
  • Toured nationally, presenting dance concerts; choreography workshops; Swan Lake Dance-Ins; and Dance for Youth across the country.
  • Presented 20 winter seasons of New York Festival of Dance Performance concerts in parks throughout the city.
  • Presented Dancing Through New York concerts throughout New York City, celebrating the creative genius of the city, sponsored by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.


The 2013-2014 season continues a period of marked artistic growth and success for Dance Artists of America and the Dance Artist Players.  The DAA has retained its best ensemble dancers and percussionists from prior seasons, and has added a number of very fine new dancers to the company.  By partnering popular masterworks with important but less familiar choreographic works, the DAA continues its reputation for adventurous programming.


What do critics say about DAA performances?  “Dance Artists of America’s dancers are a glory” – The New York Times  “DAA was the very model of a professional dance ensemble.” – Newsday  “DAA was superb” – Gannett Newspapers  “These were virtuoso performances … the DAA can do it all, classical to modern.” – The Star Ledger  “As usual, the professional company was first-rate and the musicians were excellent, too.” – The New York Times  These sample reviews vividly reflect DAA’s continuing artistic commitment to excellence in performance.


The 2013-2014 season at Founders Hall includes repertory performances in addition to great and seldom-performed works.  Wonderful short dances also fully showcase the members of the company.


The continuing success of DAA’s concert series and the public’s enthusiastic response make it clear that there is a significant audience for the presentation of this important repertory by a professional dance company in a major New York City concert hall.


DAA professional dancers and choreographers from our Rivington Center company also work as artist/teachers regularly throughout the academic year with New York City’s school children.


Dance Artists of America Dance Education Initiatives include:


  • Year-long Artist-in Residence Programs with members of DAA woring as Artists-in-Residence in Elementary, Intermediate and High Schools throughout New York City during the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Dance Artists of America Concert Tours of New York City high schools in all 5 Boroughs, with programs of Dance Today and Dances of the World, sponsored by the New York City Department of Drama and Dance Programs.
  • A new two-year After-School Dance Program for high schools throughout New York City, sponsored by the NYC Department of Neighborhood Development.
  • The popular Dance Artists of America NYC High School Dance Festival, involving the participation of dancers from throughout the city.  The 8th annual Festival will take place in Fall 2015, with more than 2,000 high school dancers participating.
  • Providing student tickets to Dance Artists of America concerts, making it possible for hundreds of New York high school students to attend professional rehearsals and DAA performances at Founders Hall, Rivington Center.


Dance Artists of America music education programs take place primarily in schools with large numbers of minority students from economically disadvantaged families, many of whom are new immigrants to the city.


Dance Artists of America is committed to reversing the disintegration of school dance programs and to keeping them an integral part of the curriculum and the school day.  Without initiatives such as DAA’s, the current school-aged generation will not have the skills to participate in informal or organized community dance activities, or to enter the dance field as performing or teaching professionals.  Equally important, without an awareness of the pleasures of making and listening to music, no future concert audience will develop from today’s younger generation.


DAA’s Initiative has shown that young people can be motivated and involved, and that participation and achievement in these dance programs improves their skills in other subjects.  They help to keep economically and culturally disadvantaged students in school, integrate them into the school community, and inspire them to higher academic achievement.  Many more schools need and have requested Dance Artists of America Artist-in-Residence Programs than we are currently financially able to serve.


Lewis B. Cullman Support to Dance Artists of America


Dance Artists of America requests your assistance with a grant of $50,000, or support on as high a level as possible, to help make it possible for the DAA to continue to develop its dance/choreography season at George Founders Hall and its dance education initiative in the New York City schools.  Support is vital at this time to maintain these important and unique programs for the residents of the City and the greater New York area.


Full acknowledgement of your support will appear in all National Dance Council programs at Founders Hall and elsewhere.


2013-2014 Season brochure and other materials about the DAA and its National Dance Council programs are enclosed.  Please let us know if you need additional information.


With appreciation for your interest in Dance Artists of America and its Performance and Education Programs,